Our people put their careful minds to each note, each rest, accidental, slur, tie – into all elements, forming your score with a clear and aesthetic appearance.


Ritornel, s.r.o.
Matrosovova 11
709 00 Ostrava
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 596 626 967
fax: +420 596 624 617

About Us

Ritornel Ltd. was founded in 1997 with the aim of linking the cultural tradition, experience and enthusiasm of Czech musicians with the newest computer technology and building up a company which would occupy an important place in the European music publishing market. In a very short time, a competent team of professionals came into existence, some of them musicians, but also specialists in other areas: desktop publishing, printing, graphics, computer systems etc.

An important part of the Ritornel company is its music engraving studio. Thanks to the profound knowledge of musical, graphic and publishing software it is able to take on common or less common projects in the field of music publishing including those which touch the borders of graphic art.

The philosophy of the Ritornel company is based on the idea of capitalizing on the present conditions in the Czech Republic, but above all for achieving a final product of the highest quality. At the present time engraving studio Ritornel team up more then ten professional music engravers and produce thousands of pages for the publishing houses in France, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Sweden and Czech Republic.